Peter Writes & Records Horns onto W2’s new song & VIDEO!

As you probably noticed an uncharacteristically lack of activity on the 2020 “Performance Schedule” page of my website, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted my LIVE music gigs (as it has too for EVERY other musician). However, during this whole ‘shelter in place’ time period, I was fortunate to still have been kept very busy and musically active with plenty of studio session work (writing & recording my horns onto other artists’ music). To date, I’ve worked on 9 tunes for 5 different artists–already 3 of the tunes that I worked on THIS YEAR have been on the radio!

Peter Writes & Records Horns onto W2’s new song & VIDEO!


Screenshot from the W2 band’s video for the song ‘Social Distance’

A few months ago my good friend Joe Walden approached me about possibly writing & recording some horns onto a few original tunes that he & his ‘Signal to Noise’ (S2N) bandmate Phil Went had co-written. Phil Went is the guitarist (who typically comes up with the basic instrumental music tracks & groove first, and who also engineers the band’s sound mix, and produces any & all use of visual incorporated multimedia), while Joe Walden is the lead singer (who then imagines the song’s overall concept, comes up with the lyrics, and then designs all the production & promotional graphics).

So far I’ve added my horns onto 2 of their tunes—the 1st of which just got released on September 11th, 2020! The song is fittingly called ‘Social Distance’ (of course it is!), but was actually released under a different band name of ‘W2’ (for Walden & Went). To me, it’s sounds like a very cool Phil Collins-meets-U2 kinda song—with maybe a 38 Special ‘Caught Up in You’ or ‘Hold on Loosely’ amazing guitar solo in the middle…so if you like any of those (& who doesn’t?!—lol), you will definitely like this! Besides, lyrically it has an overall up-beat vibe-message of ‘hope’; maybe bringing a bright spot of some much-needed positivity, while being immersed in a time of almost complete negativity. Sound familiar??

Anyway, so they brought me in to do the horns; Phil Collins had often used the EW&F horn section called ‘the Phenix Horns‘, so of course that was the sound-motif I went for: using very rhythmic lines & mostly stacked harmonically in unison-octaves. For the part I came up with, I overdubbed 7 tracks consisting of 3 trumpets, 2 trombones & 2 flugelhorns). Outside musician Brian Doherty was also brought in—to do the drums (Brian is probably most noted for having enjoyed commercial success back in the 90’s with a band called ‘They Might Be Giants’).

Anyway on an early Sunday morning in late August, W2 shot a music video in White Plains to support the song, and they invite us (Brian & myself) to also be a part of it. It was a lot of fun to do and I think it’s probably the best way to really enjoy the song, so I thought I’d share it with you! Here is the link:

The song is also available EVERYWHERE: Amazon, I-Tunes, CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, BandCamp, YouTube, etc…and through their social media pages:

And for a slightly different perspective on the same song—check out the sample of the track with my DEMO horns that I had initially submitted back to them.

Please see the “Music”–>”Sound Clips” header of my website.

Thanks for listening and Congrats to W2 (Joe Walden & Phil Went) on their timely ‘Social Distance’ song—both audio & video release!

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