Peter J Blume

Trumpet, Fluglhorn, & Sometimes Trombone

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My Classical Passion

Peter J Blume, Trumpet with Svetlana Gorokhovich & Jeanette Spoor

About Peter

Peter J Blume is a dynamic horn player that brings over 30 years of professional experience to the performing arts. More than just possessing an academic foundation in Classical training & a background in serious Jazz study, Peter has a working knowledge of performing as a soloist, participating in an ensemble setting, & as an integral member of a tight horn section backing the likes of say a Rock band.


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My Classical Passion

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Peter has incredible performing ‘chops’ & stamina—having played on many gigs that have lasted over 4 hours, some as much as 7 hours! He understands the importance of being a showman & entertaining during his performances—but never at the expense of the actual music.

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